Hello! I’m Vaida

Making a change through UX. Helping to bring users into the picture and build products that leave a positive impact on people and society.

UX Researcher

to investigate, understand and validate what your users need and want

UX Strategist

to fit user experience into a product roadmap that makes sense

UX Designer

to translate knowledge into a prototype that responds to business and user needs

UX Ambassador

to envision and build a real user-centric organization

UX Researcher

to understand what your user needs & wants

UX Designer

to translate knowledge into a prototype

UX Strategist

to fit business and user needs in a roadmap

UX Ambassador

to envision and build a real user-centric organization

UX Researcher creates understanding and empathy around user behaviours

Every great product starts with a clear understanding of who are you building it for. I eliminate guesswork and gather insights that inform product strategy.

UX Designer translates research and knowledge into solutions.

I strive to build simple wireframes, user flows and prototypes. Inclusivity, accessibility and empowerment for the user and business is what I am for.

UX Strategist delivers a clear roadmap and connects the dots

UX strategy is about finding the intersection between user experience design and business strategy, transmitting it into a tangible plan and advocating for it.

UX Ambassador elevates the role of human centred design

I help to build and grow awareness by acting as a catalyst for change. It always starts with focusing on the bigger picture first – which leads to strategies later.

UX Fika

Meaningful conversations with change makers and leaders I look up to.

Latest conversation

Michael Stausman on sustainable design

The design really does matter. Not only in how we shape and order our world, but also in determining our impact on it.


I love sharing the knowledge and thoughts that might simply bring new perspectives or maybe even inspire someone

30 Books that got me through 2020

For many, 2020 was a year that saw them develop a deeper knowledge of passions or rediscover a new interest when regular life has slowly eroded. In books as in life, 2020 was a year of many great revelations about design, leadership, sustainability, and nature for me....

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Building my own Linchpin: Becoming a Better UX Leader

In his book - Linchpin: Are you Indispensable? - Seth Godin poses a challenge: Take your gift, whatever it is, and use it to change the world. Godin argues that everyone, me and you (not just the Einsteins of the world), can find a linchpin inside of them that needs...

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I believe your product should celebrate what makes you unique and foster strong relationships with your customers. Reaching out with a question, an invitation to speak or just want to say hi? Drop me a message here.

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