I am a Stockholm city-based UX specialist who melds her background in communications, design and user experience.  My Manifesto is simple: care about the customer. Be hungry for new knowledge and curious about the world. Invest your energy in ideas that matter. 

When I am not  working you can find me: 


Learning something new

Travelling and Exploring the world

Jogging when I want to clear my mind


Integrated Communications


User Experience


Creative person




There is no one-size fits all approach. For me it’s all about solving user experience problems, getting deep into why people make certain decisions, testing it, crafting digital interfaces and experiences that make users and organizations happy and successful.

UX Analysis & Review

UX Review is meant to be guidelines that give focus. I like to understand your stakeholders, the competition, the users, the product and provide actionable insights.

UX Testing & Prototyping

Nothing is set in stone until it’s tested and proven. I make prototypes, user flows, design tests and dig deep to see what works and what doesn’t.

UX Research

Understanding the people and the business behind a product, service or app is crucial to uncovering the pain points present in a system or product.

UI & Visual Design

Armed with the information necessary to define the problem faced by the users  and the business, I can start designing the ideas around what could be built.


Say hi & connect with me

If you have questions (or friendly love notes) email me at: pakulytevaida@gmail.com