About Me

My manifesto is simple: add value, be hungry for new knowledge and curious about the world. Invest your energy in ideas that matter.

Areas I’m interested in

I have quite a generalist profile, but I wish to specialize in the following areas

Green economy

to build products towards sustainable future


to optimize and improve online purhase journeys

Tech Startups

to create great digital products and services


to help people take wiser financial decisions


to empower leaders with a higher purpose 

New media

to explore new ways to entertain users

Interesting facts about my…

I have quite a generalist profile, but I tend to stick & specialize in the following 3 industries


I am intersection of UX, communications, research, analytics, business and marketing.


Since leaving Lithuania 10 years ago, I’ve gained a wealth of both freelance, company and consultancy experience.


I am a never ending student (Bachelor in Denmark & Canada, Master in UK & Bootcamp in Barcelona).


Entrepreneurial Mindset (co-founded a student magazine, two youth organizations).


I love to mingle and network. You’ll find me at every event I manage to squeeze into my calendar.


I’m inspired by traveling and people. It helps me to get new energies from when I feel stuck.

Talks & Press

Once in a while I share my knowledge in conferences, events or publications.

Portfolio & Resume

Drop me a message and I will share my portfolio and CV with you.

*Usual reply time: 1-2 days

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