Everyone is on-the-go these days, which is why maximizing the customer experience to increase sales through mobile technology is essential.

According to a Pew Research Center study, 64% of Americans now own smartphones. By ignoring your website’s “mobility,” you may be ignoring a huge number of potential customers. But where and how do you begin to fix it?

A/B Testing is a great first step

A/B Testing is a combination of testing cross-sells and up-sells with recommended products, product page testing ideas, home page testing, checkout page testing and thank you page testing. After learning what performs the best, you can then implement a strategy that works best.

But this process must be repeated. A/B Testing can increase your customer satisfaction by routinely checking in with costumers to see what they like.

The feedback gathered is actual data from which you can make educated decisions. When you can implement upgrades that increase customer satisfaction, it often leads to smaller bounce rates and higher sales.

Ideas for the mobile world

Getting started with A/B Testing means coming up with ideas for updates so you can compare them to your current mobile site. Take into consideration the challenges your site may be having:

  1. We need to boost sales!
  2. What can be done to improve performance of recommended purchases?

Mobile commerce is now 30% of all U.S. e-commerce, according to the Internet Retailer 2016 Mobile 500 Guide.  So it’s important to address the areas where you want to see improvement and get these customers buying on your site.

Here are a few A/B Testing ideas to get you started

  1. Begin with a clear goal of what you’re testing and why. Think about what’s driving your metrics and target users that impacting those metrics the most. Once you’ve analyzed your user experience, decide what to change to engage them better.
  2. Ensure that the “add to cart” box is easy to access on the mobile screen. If the customer has to zoom in, zoom out, or move the screen around to find it, they might think it’s too much work, and move on. Use text that’s easy to read and brighter colors.
  3. Include an autofill option for addresses and credit cards. Typing that information in while walking, riding in a taxi, or heading into a meeting, could take too much time to complete during your customer’s busy schedule.
  4. Try adding product recommendations to a place on the screen where it can easily be identified. It may be a challenge, but if the recommendations are too far down on the screen, your customer may never see them.
  5. Once you know what to start testing, locate your testers. You can conduct a free promotion, such as sharing the testing opportunity on social media. Or, you can run a small ad campaign at a low cost to send hundreds of visitors to your pages. Consider using Google Adwords or another mobile network to run a small campaign. Depending on the network, they can help you with an easy set up, or they can help you build a more targeted group of testers.
  6. Begin to test your new features. Any developer will tell you that it’s risky releasing new app features and updates, as changing the underlying architecture can always cause bugs. Make sure to map out a thorough testing plan and have several people to help test. If an issue isn’t caught, it could damage the user experience, and ultimately cause you your business.

By starting with just a few ideas, and making those little improvements, that could lead to even more ideas and even better improvements, bringing the customers back for more!

A simple platform and experienced staff help increase sales for your company. And Strands Retail can improve the customer experience for your mobile site beginning with A/B Testing that best suits your needs.

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