Creating Student Networking Lounge

Creating Student Networking Lounge


UI and UX is not only about creating digital interfaces and making users online feel great about the apps and websites they visit. It is also about the UX of physical spaces people interact with. Luckily while studying in Denmark I had a chance to create a concept for university library – a space where students spend so much time… Studying, networking and enjoying the time too.

I had a chance to meet an acknowledged illustrator, Javier Aguilar, who makes illustrations for El Pais, La Vanguardia, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and Le Monde. Javier Aguilar guided us on decorating AU Herning’s Networking Lounge together. Firstly we had lessons in illustration, got insight into and inspiration from various street art artists and, then, the new inputs were used to decorate the walls of the Networking Lounge.

Here is the result:


Besides being used as a study place during the day, it will be used for e.g. movie nights, cultural events, teaching in relation to the library, smaller lectures, alumni events and much, much more.


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August 7, 2017