SmartCamp Music App

SmartCamp Music App


Smart People Inc. is an educational company born in 2014. They currently offer in-person, language courses (English for Spanish speakers and Spanish for English speakers) for kids from 12 to 18 years old. They’re finding many students are unable to attend the summer camp due to cost and time reasons, but still want to access the curriculum. The project is about creating an online learning platform for students of 11-18 years old. It will transform the in-person classroom experience into a 100% digital experience that can be accessed by students at a lower cost.

Research Goals: 

  • Why would kids use online learning platform?
  • What type of experience do they expect?
  • What type of engagement do they expect?
  • What is their level of knowledge of technology?

Solution Idea: Smart camp focuses on getting language learners up to speed by offering a unique way of learning a foreign language that matches their lifestyle. The app helps to learn whenever the user has 5 minutes to spare.

Solution Examples

*Full app available on request


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August 8, 2017