The Secrets of Barcino

The Secrets of Barcino


Project Description: The secrets of Barcino game helps people that want to experience a different type of activity to discover the local culture and history in a unique way while receiving discounts and unique offers in the city.

  • Mission: To bring tourism, culture and local history to everyone, in a simple and fun way.
  • Vision: To become a reference in the industry for touristic games and apps.
  • Values: Fun, Enigmatic, Simplicity, Quality contents, Global, Sustainable and proximity tourism

Challenge: the scope of the project is to create the whole infrastructure of the app in order to onboard the user, incentivize to stay within the app, guide him throughout the usage, engage and link the external features such as the offerings, prizes and third-party involvement.

Here’s ¬†a video explaining¬†the steps I took to build this project and the final video of the UI developed:


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August 26, 2017