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Social media can be a noisy place. Users can get overwhelmed and walk away (or better — tap away) in search of content that is more relevant or brands that “sync” with them better.

What makes users on social media stick? A well-thought message? Some great visuals and easy to understand copy? Convincing call to action? Or a combination and synergy of all these elements — relevant message, consistent visuals, useful notifications that speak the language of your user?

That’s where UX (User Experience) and Social Media meet. Both fields do not happen in a vacuum nor within a single channel (such as a website, app or Facebook page).

Users move between multiple channels and so all of these channels need to be designed as one consistent user experience in what they see, what they read, how they interact with it.

To discuss it in more detail, I got a chance to sit down with Happy Socks Social Commerce Channel Specialist and Content Creator My Toninelli and find out more about synergies in between social media and UX at Happy Socks.

Check out our Q&A with My below:

  1. What do you do at Happy Socks and why is it important?

I work as a social commerce specialist and content curator at Happy Socks. That can sound blurry for some, but in short — I manage content on social media platforms, decide when to post, where to post and create the best social media experience within every channel.

The challenging and interesting aspect of my work is transmitting the concept of “happiness everywhere” in a way that connects with the audience. Happiness can mean different things or have many forms of expression — and it’s my mission to connect it to our brand. One message, a tweet, and post at a time. How do I do that? By trying to maximize the strengths of each channel.

What we’ve learned throughout the time — people behave very differently in each channel and expect different communications too. For example, Twitter is very closely linked with the customer experience — making sure we respond to our user very quickly, because that’s where they go to ask questions. Instagram is about discovery and inspirational content, where we focus on visuals and motivating people to share their own #happinesseverywhere moment with us.

2. Humans are social creatures. How do you understand that in a social media context?

Social media comes down to a simple basic human desire: the need to connect with other humans, to be part of a group and share experiences. Successful brands start with that in mind.

In the case of Happy Socks, people follow us because of the values we transmit — happiness, fun and inspiration through engaging copy. There are two levels of this relationship on social media. One is connecting it to the product — how you style it and how we promote it. The second level is going beyond product marketing and conveying emotional state — transmitting that through communication.

3. What does UX mean for you?

What fascinates me about UX is that it touches upon human behavior and psychology. We have to understand how people behave, think, respond and utilize it for creating great experiences while shopping or interacting on social media. It is also very subconscious — so we do not really think about it when we use products ourselves, but it definitely leaves a lasting impression — either good or bad. Every touch-point adds up to experience and social media is one of the touchpoints too.

4. How can social media marketing improve user experience?

First and foremost, more and more often social media is becoming the first interaction people have with a brand. It is essential to be present and jump on this trend to create the first impression. It is a game changer.

Secondly, social media does not work in a vacuum. If it is aligned with the rest of the channels — like website, sales, offline presence — it adds much more weight to the image of a brand.

Lastly, it is more and more popular to shop on social media — which actually changes the whole customer journey — and makes it even more important for the online brand to step up and optimize the experience online. People easily get used to one-click interactions that are easy, relevant and convenient for them.

5. What do Happy Socks users value the most from our social media channels?

Our users value that we dare to be us. There is a vibe that goes about Happy Socks — it is so hard to explain in words, but it’s about the feeling, colorful, vivid and bold expression.

Sometimes nurses write to us that they wear socks to make their outfit a bit more interesting, to express themselves — and patients actually notice that. Simple examples like that show that expressing individuality could be very meaningful.

That’s what we try to do.

And Finally, my personal highlights where ux and social media meet:

  • Social media marketing can truly be more than just a share or like — if you think how your business can add value true each channel
  • Empower your users through social media: respond, acknowledge their feedback and trust them
  • One bonus of social media for UX testing is the constant availability of honest, customer feedback.


Next time you publish to any platform — try asking yourself one question: does this add value to your user? If not, then delete. And repeat 🙂